The colonization maps of Cautin and Malleco (1916-1917): Exposing the morphology of Araucania

Antivil Marinao, Wladimir
Datos de publicación:
REVISTA DE URBANISMO,Vol.42,134-150,2020
Araucania - cartography - colonization - morphology
The following work explores and highlights the significance of the cadastral colonization maps made in 1916 and 1917 for two provinces of Chile: Cautin and Malleco, respectively. These maps were the result of colonization planning initiated by the State of Chile during the second half of the nineteenth century, an exercise which sought to bring the two territories under national control. The maps are highly detailed and contain a substantial amount of data, and we propose that they offer considerable insight into the colonization process. We also posit that, although the area covered is extensive, a study of the two maps together would allow us to interpret the physical and spatial nature of the territorial interventions envisaged by the State and, in particular, offer insights into the intended north-south spatial structure of the region. Our methodological approach focuses on the morphology of the maps and involves a study of their drawn components, identification of any repeated configurations, tracing work, and examination of spatial relationships between components. A number of other documents and bibliographic references were also studied.

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