Intergenerational dynamics and local development: Mining and the indigenous community in Chiu Chiu, El Loa Province, northern Chile

Water conflicts are a significant issue in northern Chile, especially when linked to neoliberal economic activities - mainly mining - on the lands of indigenous peoples. In fact, political ecology tends to accentuate the ways in which their communities unite around a water-based territoriality and/or cultural politics when faced with 'threatening' outsiders. However, internal differentiation has become especially relevant to enable a more nuanced appreciation of local struggles and claims. Taking a political ecology of water perspective, this article analyses in what ways Intergenerational Dynamics (hereafter IGDs) shape the way indigenous communities articulate their collective vision of development when dealing with mining companies. In addition, it examines to what extent IGDs shape the key elements that constitute different positions regarding territory, and also assesses how such dynamics reflect age-related traditional interests and cultural senses of identity and territoriality. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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