A look at the Council: On receipt of your anthropology at the synods of Temuco

Zolezzi Cid, Tibaldo
Datos de publicación:
TEOLOGIA Y VIDA,Vol.52,647-674,2011
Vatican II - Anthropology - Reception - Christ-centrism
This articles attempts to take a critical look at II Vatican Council from the reception of its anthropological teaching in the pastoral-theological consideration of the synods of the diocese of Temuco. These synods, which were held in different times and were driven by varying social and ecclesial situations, express their own approaches to the understanding of council anthropology which sometimes contradict one another. It is possible to state that these inconclusive approaches relate to the ambiguity of II Vatican anthropology. In fact, the synods nourish from its richness but they also reflect its weaknesses and shortcomings. However, these same synods are testimony of the novel and promising perspectives that the Council planted which, if they are recognized and deepened, can contribute to clarify many of the uncertainties of our time.

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