Effectiveness in preventive programs of skeletal muscle injuries in sedentary adults who begin a sports activity

Sedentary behaviors lead to increased muscle fatigue, this due to lower nitric oxide production, lower blood flow, predisposing to the generation of skeletal muscle injuries. In Chile, sedentary population over the age of 18 years reaches 86.7% according to the latest National Health Survey 2016-2017. Objective: to demonstrate the effect of intervention programs performed to prevent skeletal muscle injuries. Method: A review of the scientific literature was carried out in databases and nine articles were selected based on eligibility criteria. Results: 18% of the articles were chosen from a total of 49 in the list of items found in the search. Conclusions: programs with a frequency of three to five days are highlighted as effective; with low or medium weekly intensity volume, it depends on the chosen frequency; the training plans include joint mobility exercises, eccentric exercises, and proprioceptive training; there is no fixed duration for the training session to achieve significant changes.

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