Students’ and teachers’ perspective on pedagogical practices promoting or holding up educational inclusión in Physical Education

The aim of the present investigation was to analyze students’ perception of the practices that favor or obstruct educational inclusion in Physical Education settings. Also, to inquire about teachers’ beliefs on the subject. The study has an exploratory-descriptive scope and uses a mixed method. Participants included were 163 students in the 7th and 8th grade of the Temuco and Los Angeles, Chile, and 7 teachers of Physical Education at all levels, all of whom were intentionally selected. The instruments of data collection were a questionnaire of inclusive practices, and in-depth interviews. Factors that favor inclusion include physical education teachers’ personal skills, and the class as an environment that benefits relationships. As a hindrance factor, homogeneity of activities arises, constant competition, and hetero-evaluation as the main means to evaluate the achievement of students’ learning

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