Remembering a socialist future in postdictatorship chile: Utopian anticipation and anti-utopian critique in Jorge Baradit´s synco

Saldias, Gabriel A.
Datos de publicación:
Utopian Studies, Vol.29, N°3, 398-415
Autocracia - Dictadura-Chile - Socialismo
The objective of the article is to describe and problematize the concept of socialist utopianism in the Chilean context of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries through an analysis of Jorge Baradit’s alternate history novel, Synco. Published in 2008 but chronologically situated in the 1980s, Baradit’s novel imagines socialist Chile as a dystopia disguised as a technologically advanced eutopia. This brings into the foreground many utopian contents of the past socialist experience in the country that are eventually dismantled by the anti-utopian, anti-ideological postdictatorship perspective of the author, which constitutes both a critique and a testament of the weakened state of current political trust and militancy in the country

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