Labor precarity and union's strategies in neoliberalism: Changes in the politicization of the work in Chile

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Psicoperspectivas Vol. 17, N° 1, 2018
Precariedad Laboral - Relaciones Laborales
Neoliberalism continues to be an inexhaustible source of questions about the past, the present and the future of Chilean society. Considering its instituting power (institutional, economic, ideological, etc.), this article analyzes the consequences of neoliberal deregulation in the process of job insecurity. This paper exposes some main impacts of the labor precarization process on the strategies and repertoires of Chilean unionism, considering some of the dimensions of the precarious work that generate problems for union activity. In this research, we put in relation the sociopolitical context and the long process of readaptation and articulation of the subjectivities and identities in the work with the election of trade union strategies in different workspaces in Chile. The study of the experiences of union leaders requires identifying criteria for demarcation and formulation of union strategies against precariousness and precariousness of work, allowing us to understand, at the same time, the subjectification of labor precariousness in the construction, meaning and structuring of strategies and collective actions.

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