Levels of physical activity, body image and their relationship in Chilean university students from a health school

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Cresp Barría, Mauricio
Machuca Barria, Claudia
Moraga, Rodrigo
Fernández Filho, José
Floody, Pedro
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Journal of Physical Education and Sport, Vol. 18, N° 68, 479-484, 2018
Salud - Deportes - Actividad Física - Imagen Corporal
It is relevant to investigate the risk factors presented by university students of programs related to careers in the area of health, which are apparently healthy. Today, there are profound changes in lifestyle and diet in the young population. The subjects selected in the investigation were 104 (n = 104), and was representative (total n = 142) with a 5% error and 95% reliability. The data were collected through the use of two self-administered surveys: a) body shape questionnaire (BSQ) and b) A questionnaire was used to assess the level of physical activity (IPAQ, 2009). For the data analysis, statistical software SPSS (Statistical package for social sciences 20.0) was used. This research has a descriptive, transversal, correlational and non-experimental design, whose objective is to determine and correlate the values of the level of physical activity and body awareness. Those selected are first-year students from three programs (nutrition, kinesiology, occupational therapy), academics from the health school, Catholic University of Temuco, Chile. An analysis was made of bivariate samples of Kendall's Tau-b. The results showed that there is no significant correlation between the levels of physical activity and physical perception in the Health students of the Catholic University of Temuco.