E-learning modules in courses. Fostering autonomy in learning

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Herrera, Oriel A.
Mellado, Alejandro
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Proceedings - International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society, 1-5, 2018
E-learning - Habilidades de Aprendizaje
The breakthrough of information and communication technologies and their smooth incorporation into daily living has brought a cultural change in both, society and education. The traditional and formal paradigms and contexts represent new challenges of adjustments that consider the new kind of student that goes to university classrooms. Thus, the educational model from Universidad Católica de Temuco considers an intensive use of ICT in the educational process, and a gradual growth of the autonomy of students during training. In the Computer Science program, these elements of the model have been partially addressed through the incorporation of e-learning modules that foster autonomy. A technological platform was implemented to support an e-learning methodology. The methodology used in the study is described in this article. The outcomes obtained in courses where the methodology was applied were successful, which made possible new initiatives that include the suggested improvements from the assessment of the conducted experiences.