Developing and implementing a robust and flexible framework for the evaluation and impact of educational development in higher education in Chile

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Moya, Beatriz
Turra, Héctor
Chalmers, Denise
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International Journal for Academic Development, Vol. 24, N° 2, 163-177, 2019
Desarrollo Educacional - Educación Superior - Educación Superior-Chile
This article describes the development of an evaluation and impact framework to assess the effectiveness of educational innovations. It can be utilized within a single program, as well as at institutional and national levels. While it is contextualized in a Chilean university, it is argued that it is widely applicable as it is informed by international best practice. The rationale that informed the development of the evaluation framework is described and is illustrated using two programs: Faculty Learning Communities; and Student Learning Assistants. These demonstrate how the framework can be customized utilizing indicators and outcomes relevant to specific programs and stakeholders.