Calibration of a sedimentation model through a continuous genetic algorithm

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Coronel, Aníbal
Berres, Stefan
Lagos, Richard
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Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, Vol. 27, N° 9, 1263-1278, 2019
Calibración - Algoritmos Genéticos - Algoritmos Genéticos Continuos
In this contribution we consider the problem of flux identification in a scalar conservation law modelling the phenomenon of sedimentation. The experimental observation data used for the calibration consist of a solid concentration profile at a fixed time. The identification problem is formulated as an optimization one, where the distance between the profiles of the model simulation and observation data is minimized by a least squares cost function. The direct problem is approximated by a monotone finite volume scheme. The numerical solution of the calibration problem is obtained by a continuous genetic algorithm. Numerical results are presented in order to validate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.