Coming to Terms with Communities of Practice: A Definition and Operational Criteria

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San Francisco : Pfeiffer, 2006
Comunidades de práctica
The intent of this chapter is to ground the concept of a community in the literature related to social-psychological constructs, how people learn, and performance improvement, while explaining why a community may be important in the context of performance improvement and assessment. Furthermore, we draw on the earlier definition to advance six criteria with respect to analyzing to what extent and in what manner a CoP is present: (1) a common practice and shared enterprise; (2) opportunities for interaction and participation; (3) mutual interdependence; (4) overlapping histories, practices, and understandings among members; (5) mechanisms for reproduction; and (6) respect for diverse perspectives and minority views. Finally, we provide practical information regarding the evolution of such communities and suggestions for anyone wishing to promote communities of practice.

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