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Online portfolio of teacher training

dc.identifier.citationRevista Electronica de Investigacion Educativa, Vol. 12, N°1, 1-32, 2010es
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the following study is to evaluate the degree of satisfaction with the online portfolio as a resource for assessing the initial teaching performance of students preparing at the Catholic University of Temuco, Chile, to become primary school teachers. Two groups were used in this research: an experimental one that worked with the online portfolio, and a control group that worked with the physical file. The sample consisted of 30 students randomly selected from the fourth year of the program. The level of satisfaction expressed by users of the portfolio was evaluated at the end of the practice-teaching experience. In order to take this measurement, an instrument called a semantic differential was especially designed for the purpose. The experimental group showed a difference significantly greater than that of the control group in the variable degree of satisfaction with the portfolio tool. Also, a positive and significant correlation was observed between the degree of satisfaction expressed by the students, and the score obtained by them in the initial-teaching-performance
dc.sourceRevista Electronica de Investigacion Educativaes
dc.subjectEvaluación docentees
dc.titleOnline portfolio of teacher traininges
dc.title.alternativePortafolio en línea en la formación inicial docentees
dc.typeArtículo de Revistaes
uct.facultadFacultad de Educaciónes
uct.carreraPedagogía Básica con Especializaciónes
uct.carreraPedagogía en Historia, Geografía y Ciencias Socialeses
uct.carreraPedagogía en Lengua Castellana y Comunicaciónes
uct.carreraPedagogía Media en Matemáticaes

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