Dialogic-kishu kimkelay ta che educational research: participatory action research

The focus on the dialogic-kishu kimkelay ta che method is the result of extensive research, debates and reflections contextualized in the territorial, cultural, linguistic and social diversity of central-southern Chile. This research methodology considers the coexistence of the Chilean and indigenous Mapuche worldviews of the inhabitants of this region of the country. With constructions that integrate these two epistemes, it develops a collective praxis in which diverse members belonging to both cultures can access their knowledge and expertise to form a research community. These members are the agents who decide what, why and how to conduct research. To study their own reality with the aim of transforming it, they practice the epistemological principles of situational historical diversity, gnoseological reciprocity, epistemic thought and expansive rationality. Hence, investigative praxes abandon terminology used in classic research to acquire an integrative conception of a reality that intertwines being, nature and the cosmos.

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