Determination of acute toxicity of ammonium in juvenile Patagonian blenny (Eleginops maclovinus)

Deionized ammonium (NH3) acute toxicity (LC50-96h) in Patagonian blenny juveniles (Eleginops maclovinus) was assessed. Concentrations of deionized ammonium in salt water were prepared by using 24.09 +/- 2.1 g ammonium chloride (NH4Cl). Fish were exposed in triplicates to different ammonium concentrations: 0.05; 0.094; 0.175; 0.325 and 0.605 mg NH3 L-1. Additionally, a control group was included. Experimental fish were kept at a photoperiod of 16:8h. Average temperatures were 16.24 +/- 1.40 degrees C. Oxygen concentration was 7.16 +/- 0.40 mg L-1. Water pH was 7.89 +/- 0.2. LC50-96h, was estimated by using Probit statistical method (95% intervals) using EPA software (1993). Juveniles of E. maclovinus showed a LC50-96h of 0.413mg NH3 L-1 value, different from most marine species. This study presents the first record of ammonium toxicity in marine species of Chile.

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