Particle collisions near a three-dimensional warped AdS black hole

Becar, Ramon - Gonzalez, P. A. - Vasquez, Yerko
Datos de publicación:
In this paper we consider the warped AdS(3) black hole solution of topologically massive gravity with a negative cosmological constant, and we study the possibility that it acts as a particle accelerator by analyzing the energy in the center of mass (CM) frame of two colliding particles in the vicinity of its horizon, which is known as the Bannados, Silk and West (BSW) process. Mainly, we show that the critical angular momentum (L-c) of the particle decreases when the warping parameter(v) increases. Also, we show that despite the particle with L-c being able to exist for certain values of the conserved energy outside the horizon, it will never reach the event horizon; therefore, the black hole cannot act as a particle accelerator with arbitrarily high CM energy on the event horizon. However, such a particle could also exist inside the outer horizon, with the BSW process being possible on the inner horizon. On the other hand, for the extremal warped AdS(3) black hole, the particle with L-c and energy E could exist outside the event horizon and, the CM energy blows up on the event horizon if its conserved energy fulfills the condition E-2 > (v(2)+3)l(2)/3(v(2)-1) with the BSW process being possible.

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