GATED COMMUNITIES IN THE INTERMEDIATE CITY. The case of Temuco (Chile), 2005-2014

The city has experienced changes as a result of urban land speculation and continuous production of housing as a commodity. An expression of urban change is the emergence of gated communities. This article presents the localization patterns of vertical and horizontal gated communities in the city of Temuco (Chile) between zoos and 2014. Processing information from the Directorate of Public Works of the city, and considering the constructions under law co-ownership, it is possible to observe the forms of implementation of these urbanizations. Georeferencing these projects, the results indicate that condominiums houses are especially concentrated in peri-urban areas of the south-west of the city, while the edifices in two districts of the center, one of the foundational area of the city, and the other a recent commercial space consolidation. These results are important to observe the reproduction of socio-spatial inequality and possible gentrification in the city center.

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