Fair Play in the sport defeat. The moral reasoning of students between 16 and 17 years

Fair play is one of the important contents in school sports, since the educational centers are focused primarily on the integral formation of children and adolescents, thus building a society consistent with human values and rights. The objective of the study is to analyze the moral reasoning of schoolchildren of the third year of middle school, about the socialization after a sports defeat, by means of a hypothetical dilemma. The research responded to a qualitative methodology, in which 16 students from the middle third year (10 boys and 6 girls), aged between 16 and 17, participated in a scientific-humanist college in the commune of Quilpue, Chile. The results indicate six dimensions, which have been perceived by the students as important for a demonstration of fair play in the face of sport defeat and two elements that make this goal difficult. It is possible to conclude that the education in values, the reflection on the defeat and the inclusion of spaces of socialization among the participants of a competitive encounter are identified as relevant factors for fair play.

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