Assessing the growth of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) (Linnaeus, 1758) in four salinities, under experimental conditions

Studies in Salvelinus alpinus, Arctic charr, indicate that it has a low capacity to hyposmorregulatory or adaption to sea in winter periods in Arctic waters. The investigation finds to determinate the rank optimum of salinity to can cultivate this species at Chile. The weight adequate was determined to join on the sea by analysis of gill Na+, K+-ATPase activity, that it was found between the ranks 80-130 g, with 14.5 U/mg. It underwent evaluation of fish growth of 72 g salinities from 0 (control), 18, 25 and 33 g/L (sea water) for 94 days. The results indicate that the largest increases were obtained in brackish water. T18 gl and T25 g/L achieved growth of 25% and 19% on day 94 and term sampling respectively. It is important to mention that the 8% that survived in seawater introduced percentages growth 16.6% equivalent to brackish water and control. These results suggest that Salvelinus alpinus can grow in seawater, with levels of Na+, K+-ATPase similar to those submitted by Salmo salar with a weight not less than 80 g.

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