Effects of gibberellic acid, benzylaminopurine and fluridone on the in vitro germination of Ugni molinae Turcz. (Myrtaceae)

In the present investigation, the effects of benzylaminopurine (BAP), gibberellic acid (GA(3)) and fluridone (FLU) on in-vitro germination of murtilla (Ugni molinae), a native species to Chile were studied. Murtilla seed has a strong dormancy, the reason why two trials were performed to improve the germination. The results show that FLU, an inhibitor of the synthesis of ABA, was the most effective in breaking dormancy. The combination of 10 mu M FLU with BAP or GA(3) improved germination, FLU + GA(3) was the optimum combination. It raised the germination from 34% in the control seed to 96% up to 60 days after treatment. The results also suggest that in the mechanisms of seed dormancy of U. molinae the presence of ABA is involved.

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