Cultivation of whitebait (Galaxias maculatus) in Chile

Mardones Lazcano, Alfonso - Vega Aguayo, Rolando - Encina Montoya, Francisco
Datos de publicación:
AQUACULTURE RESEARCH,Vol.39,731-737,2008
whitebait - puye - Galaxias maculatus
The growth of commercial aquaculture in Chile generated an income of $2.300 million USD in exports in 2005. Currently, 15 different species are cultivated commercially, of which seven are native; these had returns of 185 million USD. Among these native species is Galaxias maculatus (whitebait), which is endemic to Chile and figures significantly in Chilean fishing statistics. Since the 1990s, the School of Aquaculture of the Universidad Catolica de Temuco has been developing cultivation of this native species. This work presents the state of the art of the cultivation of this fish.

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